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IP-PBX KX-TEA308 / TES824 / TEM824

The analogue telephone system has taken telephone systems for small to mid-sized companies a giant leap forward, offering features seldom available in this category.

3-level Automatic Reception with voice guidance

DISA (Direct Inward System Access) with message

Built-in Voice Message (BV)

Caller ID display on SLT and APT

Flexible SMS routing

Intuitive customisation and maintenance

UCD (Uniform Call Distribution) with message

Doorphones, Door Openers, and Doorbells

Automatic configuration for outside (CO) line type

Centralised feature setting for T7710 (PBX mode)

PC programming (USB/RS232C) and easy maintenance

CO busy out

Budget management

Call charge calculation

IP-PBX KX-TEA308 / TES824 / TEM824

System Capacity

KX-TEA308 / TES824 / TEM824
Model No. TEA308 TES824 TEM824
CO lines Basic 3 3 6
Max 8 8
Extensions Basic 8 8 16
Max 24 24
Intercom paths 3 4 4
DTMF receivers 2 2 4
Door intercoms and openers (max.) 2 4 4

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KX-HDV330 Executive HD IP Desktop Phone with touchscreen

Business communication at your fingertips

  • 4.3” colour TFT LCD touch panel  
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for wireless capability 
  • 12 lines
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet & PoE
  • 24 flexible function keys with optional expansion of up to 224 keys
  • Maximised voice quality and wideband communication performance
  • HD SONIC sound including, full duplex speakerphone, acoustic echo cancellation and packet loss concealment
  • Support for UC features including BroadSoft integration

Expanding upon the exceptional success of existing products within the KX-HDV range, Panasonic’s new KX-HDV330 delivers the same affordable high quality, but with the added-value features of increased function keys, a touchscreen LCD panel and the ability to connect to up to 12 lines. 

The innovative KX-HDV series of SIP deskphones offers you flexible, world-leading communication, faultless reliability and long-term cost savings in one complete package.

Colour TFT touch panel

The KX-HDV330’s 4.3” backlit colour LCD touch panel makes text easier to read and allows simple and intuitive operation.

Built-in Bluetooth®

A wireless headset can be used to enable smooth and seamless response to incoming calls.

Easy installation and maintenance

Users will find the phone is up and running without delay and its uncompromising reliability means maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum. Equally, when in standby mode, the phone consumes minimal power, again, reducing costs.